We all have our have issues we obsess about.

Mine is obviously photographer rights. Other people obsess about elevators.  And some people obsess about their local police departments.

And then there’s Jay York who obsesses about jaywalkers.

York is a professional photographer living in Maine who is fed up with the way people cross the street between the required crosswalks.

He photographs the culprits as they recklessly make their way across the street, presumably dodging traffic and creating all kinds of traffic chaos. Enough, he believes, to disrupt the quality of life people have become accustomed to in Portland.

He then sends the photos to city officials to show them how their town has gone to hell at their helm.

Incidentally, this also happens to be the same town where a group of topless women marched down the street in protest, only to get “enraged” that men would photograph them.

On Saturday, York spotted a group of teens jaywalking, prompting him to pull out his iPhone and snap a photo. Just as he had done so many times before.

Like the topless women a few weeks ago, the teens became enraged.

They surrounded him and asked him if he had taken their photo.

He told them he did, holding the iPhone out for them to see their brazen act in digital glory.

This is how the Portland Press Herald described it:

One of the youths tried to grab it, he said, and another shoved him.

York clung to the phone, and after a brief, heated verbal exchange, the boys walked away. York dialed 911 and reported the altercation to police. He said the boys ran when they heard sirens.

“I didn’t touch them except to pull my phone back. I gave them no provocation to do this,” he said. “It was intimidating and I could see where it could be extremely dangerous. Of course, I’m old enough to be their grandfather.”

Cops eventually found two teens who matched the description he gave them. They turned out to be two of the teens in the photo. Now they are facing assault charges.

No word yet on whether they are facing jaywalking charges.