The irony in the above video is that the man hired to protect the courthouse from “terrorists” is the one doing the terrorizing by making violent threats against law-abiding citizens.

“If you get too close to me with that camera, I’ll take it out of your hand and ram it down your throat,” he told videographer George Donnelly after getting in his face.

I would like nothing more than to see that man eat his own words.

The incident occurred Thursday outside a Philadelphia courthouse where demonstrators were handing out jury nullification pamphlets to members of the public.

Jury nullification is when a jury acquits a defendant in a case although the written law may actually prove his guilt. It is when the jury sides with common sense over common law.

One of the demonstrators was Julian Heicklen, who was arrested last year for smoking marijuana in public. Anybody who believes in personal freedoms should not criminalize a man for smoking weed, despite what the antiquated laws state.

As the group was handing out pamphlets, several men in coats, ties and walkie-talkies approached them, asking them what they were doing as if it wasn’t already obvious.

The men asked the demonstrators for their names. The demonstrators asked the guards for their names. Neither side wanted to provide their names.

It doesn’t appear that Pennsylvania has a “stop and identify” law, which even if they did, it would require an officer to detain them under reasonable suspicion before he can arrest them for refusing to provide their names.

And it is not even clear if these men were law enforcement officers or just security guards. Either way, you would think that departmental or company policy would require them to identify themselves when asked.

It appears as if they were just security guards although they are wearing some type of badge.

And one guy kept demanding “why are you here?” which was pretty evident by the signs they were holding up and the pamphlets they were handing out.

And the guard, of course, brings up terrorism as an excuse to harass the demonstrators who were only exercising their First Amendment rights.

So while the guards are trying to sort out the dilemma by speaking to their superiors on the walkie-talkie, one of the guards gets in the face of the videographer and makes his threat.

“If you get too close to me with that camera, I’ll take it out of your hand and ram it down your throat.”

Donnelly has a little more patience than I would in that regard because I would have welcomed the sonofabitch to do so.

And we would see who would end up with the camera down their throat.