Photo by Vanessa Montes

After a long and feisty blog battle, Photography is Not a Crime was named Best Overall Blog in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel Best of Blogs Award Contest.

But the idiots at The Phinsider still think the joke is on me.

They can laugh all they want, but they are the ones who fizzled out in the final round of this contest. Just like the Miami Dolphins do in their regular seasons.

This is what Matty of Phinsider had to say about the Sun-Sentinel’s official results (he wasn’t at the award ceremony):

Unfortunately, we did not win the “best overall blog” category. We were in it until the end but ended up in the top three. The winner was Photography is Not a Crime. His blog personally isn’t my cup of tea. After all, the whole idea of his site was to highlight his court battle when he was arrested for taking photos of police offers just for the hell of it. The cops, obviously, were not very happy. From there, his blog morphed into some first amendment blog defending photographers across the world.

For the record, the blogger obviously didn’t learn his lesson the first time. He got arrested a second time for the same thing – taking photos of the police against their wishes. Can you get more self-righteous than that?

[On a personal note, if some dude was taking pictures of me for no apparent reason, I’d be pissed, too. And if I asked the guy to stop and he continued, you better believe there would be issues. Who the hell wants strangers taking pictures of them? Me thinks this guy has too much time on his hands.]

The blogger also asks for donations on his page to fund his legal defense – which is rather ridiculous if you ask me. But I won’t get into that. His arrogance and self-righteousness is evident all over his site – especially in this post where he mocks our community and our team a little bit more.

But the joke is on him. As you can see below based on these stats provided by an impartial web traffic site, we have more readers here in one week than he does in a year (and that’s a modest estimate, too). And I’ll take our very active and wide-reaching community over his 12 comments per day (and that’s on the high side) any day of the week.

Matty never names nor links to the “impartial web traffic site,” but provides some type of screen capture that states PINAC receives an average of 478 readers in a month.

I can assure Matty that I get many more times that amount in a single day.

Otherwise, how else would PINAC have earned more votes than his blog?

But trash-talking aside, I was truly surprised when they named PINAC as best overall during the awards ceremony Wednesday night.

I thought Worst Pizza was going to walk away with the award. He ended up winning Best Food Blog. And Phinsider won Best Sports Blog.

And Miami Beach 411, where I am a senior editor, won Best News Blog.

But now Lapp of Worst Pizza wants me to eat my words about this being a popularity contest.

I’d rather eat a slice of pizza. Perhaps at one of my local pizza joints where I plan to take him soon.

Or maybe in New York City where I will be this weekend.

But yes, it was a popularity contest. Aren’t all voting contests?

Despite Phinsider’s high amount of readers, they still had to turn to other sports blogs to help them with votes, attempting to use my allegiance to the Oakland Raiders as a way to motivate fans from the Kansas City Chiefs, San Diego Chargers and Denver Broncos blogs to vote against me (Phinsider is one of 200 blogs that make up the Sports Blog Nation).

And I turned to my peeps at Democratic Underground for votes, who’ve been supportive of me from the day I was first arrested for photographing cops against their wishes. Without DU, I would never have won.

I am leaving for New York on Thursday and returning on Sunday, so blogging will be minimal. Join me on Facebook to keep up with my updates in NYC.

Thanks to everybody who voted. It’s well-appreciated.

Now it’s time to get back to business.