Another NYPD crackdown against cyclists. Another false arrest of videographers. Another video. And another hefty settlement.

When is the New York City Police Department going to learn that it will never defeat the man with the camera?

There are too many of us. Both shooting and watching. Little Brother is watching Big Brother.

The latest incident comes exactly one day after the city of New York agreed to dish out $98,000 to five cyclists who were wrongly arrested.

Today, The New York Times reported that the city agreed to dish out an additional $40,000 to another two individuals who were arrested after filming cops against their wishes in an unrelated incident.

From the above video, it is clear they were arrested for contempt of cop. Or as police like to call it, disorderly conduct.

This incident took place on May 30, 2007 when NYPD officers began using power saws to cut through locks securing bikes to lampposts and parking meters.

Robert Carnevale, a 22-year-old filmmaker, began filming the action when a plainclothes cop named Lt. Robert Corcoran demands his identification.

Carnevale asserted his right to videotape the cop, which prompted Corcoran to escort him to a cop car. Carnevale then handed the camera to his girlfriend, Carol Dale, who continued filming.

Meanwhile, the cop handcuffed Carnevale and placed him in the back of a cop car. When Dale began questioning why he was arresting her boyfriend, she was also arrested.