A man who filmed ESPN reporter Erin Andrews through several peepholes as she walked around her hotel room in the nude, then attempted to shop the videos to the highest bidder, was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison on Monday.

A man this stupid deserves what he gets.

Michael Barrett, a 48-year-old insurance executive from Chicago, somehow managed to rent hotel rooms adjacent to Andrews’ rooms in three cities, then placed his video camera through peepholes in the hotel doors, managing to get clear footage of the reporter as she got dressed in the morning.

He then shopped the videos around to websites like TMZ, expecting them to purchase the videos even though they were obtained in an illegal manner.

If Andrews had volunteered to be filmed and the video somehow was leaked, it would be a different story altogether. But Andrews had a clear expectation of privacy, as we all do when we’re behind closed doors inside our hotel rooms.

Sometimes, photography is a crime. And in this case, there is no doubt about it.