Photo by Wolynski

A Las Vegas woman who was taking pictures inside a bus terminal was ordered to delete her photos and escorted off the property over the weekend.

The woman, who maintains a blog called Wolynski, said after the guards ordered her to delete the photos, she switched her camera off and showed them a blank screen, which convinced the Einsteins that she had deleted the images.

Then they ordered her off the property even though she had a valid bus ticket.

Now I could’ve dug in and insisted they prove to me you can’t take photos in a bus station – obviously there’s no such rule – but the day was beautiful and I didn’t feel like being detained for hours.

And then it hit me – there must have been things going on at that depot they didn’t want recorded, that I inadvertently photographed. Let’s put it this way, if you have a job in Vegas, you almost always have a side scam. If you see the same drug dealer in front of the Flamingo day in and day out for months, someone inside is getting paid off.

I did make one mistake. I took my bigger camera, the Lumix FZ-35 – not as big as an SLR, but not as small as the other one, so I drew more attention to myself. That’s a good lesson to remember – be a gormless tourist with a dinky camera and you are never a threat.