An El Paso TV news manager was driving down the road when he came upon a car accident, so he pulled his car over and started filming with his iPhone.

Naturally, that prompted El Paso Police Officer John Chavez to cross the street and confront the man with the camera.

Chavez told KTSM news manager Hollis Grizzard that he was affecting “the integrity of the victim” by filming the scene.

If Chavez was so concerned about the integrity of the victim, he would have remained by the victim’s side to ensure he received the best care from the paramedics on the scene.

It doesn’t appear that Chavez has concern for the integrity of being a police officer because he was recently accused of assault.

This, of course, was not the first time El Paso police tried to prevent journalists from doing their job. Last year, El Paso Police Sgt. Raul Ramirez arrested a pair of reporters for trying to cover another accident.

Check out the raw video of the latest incident.