Carlos Miller’s political compass.

Johnny Law’s political compass

I was checking out Johnny Law’s blog the other night and discovered that he is actually quiet a centrist when it comes to politics.

At least according to the Political Spectrum Quiz he took. I took the same quiz and confirmed what I always knew, that I am left of center with a strong libertarian bent.

Johnny Law, on the other hand, leans more toward the authoritarian side. As if we should be surprised by that.

The quiz requires you to answer about 50 questions and it takes a few minutes, so I was hoping some of you would take the quiz and post your results, just to get an idea of where my readers stand politically.

I suspect the results will reveal a significant number of libertarians.

If the comment section does not allow you to post the code, then send it to me and I’ll add it to this post.

Update: Below are the ones which readers sent me the code for.

Booker’s Political Views
I am a right social libertarian
Right: 4.04, Libertarian: 3.88

Political Spectrum Quiz