A woman who goes by the username rose_peacock on Flickr tells the “funny story” of how a Fairfax County cop blocked her car, demanded her ID and ran it through the system before informing her that he was going to write a report on the incident because she was seen photographing a federal building.

That tells me Fairfax County police will always have a record on her as being suspicious. And will probably not hesitate to use it against her in the future.

Rose_peacock didn’t seem to have a problem with the incident because as she explains, “better to be safe than sorry.”

Safe from what? Terrorists or terrorizing cops?

While rose-peacock seemed to be amused by the incident, the people commenting on her Flickr post were not laughing and a couple even told horror stories of their own.

Mariah_morningstar said:

Last week Maxx and I were taking pictures of a building in the Woodlands (near Houston) when a security guard came out and asked us to stop. Apparently the building houses an oil company and they said they were concerned about activists taking pictures to figure out how to get in… (Green Peace).

And cnuicu said:

I had that happen to me at the city transportation depot in Greensboro, NC.

But the best comment came from discarted, the photographer who was detained by a Los Angeles deputy last year and accused of being in cahoots with Al Qaeda. And not just because he linked to my blog, but because he offered the soundest advice. 

you should’ve done what joel chandler did here.


what state are you in?

you should research your stop and identify laws

Unfortunately, most Americans don’t have Chandler’s balls.