Photography is Not a Crime went from eighth place to fourth place in two days in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel Best of Blogs contest.

The only thing stopping it from reaching the top spot is a blog about beer, a blog about sports and something called Your Daily Cute that posts nothing but videos and photos of puppies and kittens.

In the words of First Amendment attorney and blogger Marc Randazza, who is encouraging his readers to vote for PINAC:

“Are you shitting me?”

The contest does require voters to register with the Sun-Sentinel, which ultimately will become the real winners of this contest.

But registered voters are allowed to vote once a day per category until the contest ends at the end of the month.

Click here to vote PINAC for Best Overall Blog (the most important category).

And click on the following to keep PINAC in the top spots of the Art/DIY category, Photography category and Politics category.

If anybody is wondering what I’m doing in the Art/DIY category, keep in mind that I won my appeal on my own without a lawyer, which is a little more significant than making cupcakes from scratch.

We have less than a week. Let’s make it happen!