As we head into the fourth quarter of this contest, it will boil down to who wants it more.(Photo by Carlos Miller at University of Miami vs Georgia Tech game in 2009)

God forbid I make it through this blog contest without pissing off another blogger.

But what’s competition without a little trash talking?

Phinsider, which is currently in first place in the Sun Sentinel Best Overall Blog contest, had fallen to third place with me in first place on Wednesday morning.

But then they discovered what I had written about their blog that morning.

If The Phinsider is anything like the Miami Dolphins, it will fizzle out in the final round.

And that, of course, got those Dolphin fans all riled up into a voting frenzy where they regained the lead.

So anyway, I’m just having fun with this contest. I meant no disrespect for The Phinsider, which clearly has a strong and loyal following.

But I do want to win this, so let’s keep voting everyday until the end of the contest.

I’m still in second place out of more than 200 bloggers nominated. And with four days left to go in the two-week contest, we are essentially entering the fourth quarter.

And if you’re a Hurricanes fan as I am, you know what that means. It is our quarter. This is when we make the comebacks. And this is when we seal our leads.

This is why Cane fans always hold up their four fingers at the start of the quarter.

The Dolphins haven’t had that reputation in decades. Besides being a Canes fan, I am also a Raiders fan, and they haven’t done anything in years either.

I hope PINAC readers respond in droves as the Dolphin fans did yesterday because we really need to regain that lead.

This is what I ask of you:

  1. Create a free Sun-Sentinel account (requires valid e-mail address). Click here to do that.
  2. Click here to vote for Photography is Not a Crime as the Best Overall Blog in South Florida. You can type in “Photography is Not a Crime” into the search box on the screen or just find it in the drag down menu. Then click on “Vote For best overall.”
  3. Click here and scroll down to the categories of “Art/DIY,” “Photography” and “Politics” and click the “vote” link under Photography is Not a Crime (this step is not as important as step 2 if you’re in a rush, but it helps).

Remember, you can vote once every day. And don’t be afraid to mention the contest on your blogs or among your friends and forums.

I’ve already received key endorsements from two prominent West Coast bloggers; First Amendment Attorney Marc Randazza and photographer Thomas Hawk.