Feb. 24, 2010

Photography is Not a Crime went from fourth place to second place in two days in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel Best Overall Blog contest.

With less than five days to vote, PINAC is only behind The Phinsider, a blog about the Miami Dolphins which averages more than 100 comments per post.

It was only four days ago that PINAC was number eight and The Phinsider number two.

The herd is thinning after more than 200 blogs were nominated. The third and fourth place blogs are losing steam, according to the arrow indicators next to their names.

The first two are throttling ahead.

The number of votes are not disclosed so it’s no telling how close PINAC is to the first spot.

If The Phinsider is anything like the Miami Dolphins, it will fizzle out in the final round.

Phinsider is ranked 207,570 in the world and 43,778 in the United States, according to Alexa. It is linked in 296 sites as of this writing.

A respectable ranking, but PINAC beats it.

This blog has an Alexa ranking of 114,472 in the world and 30,9127 in the United States. It is linked in 385 sites.

But it’s about votes, not Alexa rankings so it’s really important for all of us to continue voting once a day in each category until Monday at 10 a.m.

This is what I ask of you:

  1. Create a free Sun-Sentinel account (requires valid e-mail address). Click here to do that.
  2. Click here to vote for Photography is Not a Crime as the Best Overall Blog in South Florida. You can type in “Photography is Not a Crime” into the search box on the screen or just find it in the drag down menu. Then click on “Vote For best overall.”
  3. Click here and scroll down to the categories of “Art/DIY,” “Photography” and “Politics” and click the “vote” link under Photography is Not a Crime (this step is not as important as step 2 if you’re in a rush, but it helps).

Remember, you can vote once every day. This is within our grasp. There’s no reason we can’t win this.