Rankings as of 2/20/10

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel Best of Blogs Awards contest has become more of a popularity contest than an indicator of who has the best blog down here.

Otherwise, I would be in first place rather than eighth place in the Best Overall Blog Standings.

And I know that’s tooting my own horn, but I’ll throw this blog against any other South Florida blog as far as number of readers, comments, Alexa ranking and national impact goes.

Not to mention number of haters.

But I also happen to have the highest number of readers who are jaded cynics; people who think that by registering to the Sun Sentinel, they would essentially be giving up their first born.

That is probably why most of my readers have not voted. I know a lot of you have voted and I am very grateful.

Thanks to those who voted, Photography is Not a Crime is ranked first in the “Art/DIY” category (as if it had any real business in that category), “Politics” and “Photography”.

But I am ranked eighth in the Best Overall Blog in South Florida as you see in the above rankings. It shouldn’t be too hard for my readers to provide the surge I need in the standings.

All it takes is two minutes to register and vote. Think of all those hours I spend updating this blog, on many nights when I am tired and don’t want to update anything.

Let this be a way of saying thank you.

And while you’re there, cast a few votes for Miami Beach 411, which has me on their payroll.

I’ll be posting the above rankings everyday as they adjust until the contest is over to see if we can manage to moved Photography is Not a Crime up to the top spot.

Remember, you can vote several times throughout the contest, but only once per category per day.