Oh Canada, you guys are so civil compared to Americans.

In the above video, you will hear (unfortunately not see) an exchange between a videographer and a security guard in front of Vancouver Olympic Centre where the 2010 Winter Olympics are being held.

The guard politely tells the videographer that he is not allowed to take photos or shoot video, even though he is standing outside the stadium on public property.

She claims he is forbidden because he is standing “inside the perimeter,” which apparently is some imaginary area she conceived on the spot.

She also tells him that if he wants to continue shooting, he needs to clear it with their “media person.”

The videographer, Stephen Hui from a Vancouver website called the Georgia Straight, informs her that he is not accredited, so the media person probably wouldnt’ authorize it anyway. He is obviously convinced that you need credentials for shooting video outside the stadium.

The security guard ends up politely escorting him away from the area.

And he politely allows her to escort him outside the imaginary perimeter.

She even apologizes as she lies to him about the rules.

It wasn’t until Hui got back to his computer and uploaded the video that he allowed his true feelings to emerge, calling her an “overzealous guard.”

It turned out, that was the third time he had been harassed for shooting video that day.

He was so distraught over the incidents that he politely called a spokesperson for the Olympic security unit.

And was politely informed that they were all talking out of their asses.

The streets and sidewalks surrounding the Vancouver Olympic Centre are not off-limits to photography, according to a spokesperson for the Vancouver 2010 Integrated Security Unit.

“Basically, there’s no rule saying that photos can’t be taken from the public, because we have no control over that,” RCMP Const. Carol Blannin said yesterday (February 10) by phone. “Once you’re inside the venue, then there are definite rules for each venue, per se.”

Blannin made her comments the day after this Georgia Straight journalist heard a very different message while circumnavigating the 2010 Olympics’ curling venue at Hillcrest Park.