When are police going to learn that they have absolutely no right to confiscate cameras as evidence just because someone filmed them making an arrest?

In this particular case, the camera was used as evidence. Check out the video here.

Against one of the cops who was caught violently shaking a teenage girl as she sat on the street. He has now been placed on paid administrative leave.

The incident occurred February 16 in Lafayette, Louisiana during a Mardi Gras celebration. Police began arresting a large group of teenagers for what appears to have been fighting.

One girl, who had been plopped down on the street, began mouthing off to another girl, prompting one of the officers to shake her violently at 1:26 in the video. The rest of the cops, of course, just looked on non-chalantly.

The man with the iPhone kept filming as the cops made more arrests. At one point, a teen who had not been arrested starts talking trash to the officers, prompting the videographer to tell the teen to shut his mouth.

“Don’t say that to them,” the videographer says at 3:07, sounding older and wiser than the teens.

But the man continued following the cops as they lead the teens away, never taking the camera off them.

At 4:30 into the video, one of the cops threatens to take his camera as evidence of the arrest, but the man tells him he did not film the fight, only the arrests, which seemed to satisfy the cop, who then walked away.

“I got a video of someone tackling a little girl,” the man then told the cops.

And that prompted one cop to walk up to him and threaten him with creating a disturbance. And another cop walked up and demanded the phone.

But the man held his ground.

“You can’t take my phone,” he would repeatedly say before the video cuts out.

Apparently they never did take his phone because the man uploaded the video to CNN’s  ireport.