Photo by Carlos Miller

If it were up to me, marijuana would be legalized for all adults and taxed with the money going towards national healthcare.

But then again, I am a liberal.

In this week’s Miami Beach 411 column, I write about a group of Florida activists fighting an uphill battle in order to get the medical marijuana measure on the 2012 ballot.

Not only does it take 700,000 signatures to get it on the ballot, it would need 60 percent of the vote once it’s on the ballot because it is a citizen initiative instead of a government-issued amendment.

I always find it pretty ironic that the conservatives who complain about liberal government interference are the ones who insist that medical marijuana remain illegal. They are also the ones who supported  the 60 percent majority requirement to amend the state constitution.

So much for the voice of the people.

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Should Medical Marijuana be Legalized?
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