Ron Paul has proven to be the one candidate that appeals to libertarian-minded voters, so you would think his supporters would not clamp down on a videographer trying to capture a newsworthy event.

Think again.

The above video proves that if you give some people a little power – regardless of the politics they claim – they will turn into little dictators.

Campaign for Liberty? More like Campaign for Hypocrisy.

The incident occurred less than two weeks ago at the Campaign for Liberty Regional Conference in Atlanta. Campaign for Liberty is the political organization founded by Paul to advance his movement after he lost his bid to get elected into the White House during the last presidential election.

The video shows activist and citizen journalist Tarrin Lupo being ordered to stop filming an altercation between a group of Campaign for Liberty security guards and a man who had crashed the event by wanting to pass out anti-Semitic literature.

Security guards ordered the man to leave. The man began arguing with the security guards. Lupo began filming from a respectable distance.

It wasn’t long before one of the security guards turned to Lupo and ordered him to stop filming.

Lupo backed off about 30 feet and continued filming. A couple of more security guards walked up to him, including one man who grabbed his camera and forced it away from the incident he was filming.

The man then let him know that he would be thrown out of the event if he did not stop filming.

Lupo, who runs the Low Country Liberty report on Youtube, posted the video online, making it clear that he was not blaming the entire Campaign for Liberty organization, but that he was bothered by these security guards.

He ended up having an online conversation with Steve Bierfeldt, a top dog in Paul’s organization who made national news last year when he was detained by Transportation Security Authority agents in a St. Louis airport for carrying large amounts of cash.

Bierfeldt had taped that exchange with TSA agents, which helped him win a lawsuit against the federal agency, forcing it to change its policies in screening passengers.

But ironically, Bierfeldt felt Lupo had no business filming the incident at the Campaign for Liberty event.

Here is their online conversation, which was posted on the libertarian blog, Let Liberty Ring. (it has been edited for clarity and punctuation).

Bierfeldt: Tarrin my man, what are you thinking bud?

Lupo: Go on.

Bierfeldt: Go on? Just asking why you think its good for the movement to have someone shouting racial obscenities at a c4l conference.

Lupo: Ohh I had no problem with you throwing that guy out, I have an issue why you would mess with me. Actually like I said I think you all handled him well.

Bierfeldt: Meh, not good for business, man. No need to have that on tape. What do you think all the anti-liberty folks are going to say? “See, RP supporters are racist” just like the campaign.

Lupo: So you thought you would be seen as ANTI-racist for throwing a racist out? If anything, it would have showed people the opposite.

Bierfeldt: I was just interested in your thought process, Tarrin.

Some people will no doubt argue that the Campaign for Liberty event was a private event, so therefore, they had the right to clamp down on all videography.

However, it was open to the public for the grassroots price of $65. And as a non-profit political organization that receives federal tax breaks, it hardly qualifies as a private entity.

And more importantly, it was a newsworthy event. And someone getting tossed out for making anti-Semitic statements is a newsworthy incident.

But most importantly, it demonstrates that the campaign that vows to “lay the groundwork for a different America” will probably be no different than any other party if it ever achieves power.