Update: Undercover cop cheering for Chargers was who got Jets fan arrested

In a disgusting show of force and intimidation, San Diego police officers arrested a New York Jets fan during Sunday’s playoff game at San Diego’s Qualcomm Stadium.

His crime: cheering against the home team.

Even San Diego fans booed the arrest, including one vocal Chargers fan who was standing in front of the Jets fan and continually told the officers that the man did not do anything wrong.

One of the officers responded by saying that the Jets fan was resisting arrest, but that still does not justify why cops manhandled him in the first place.

“I would resist too. You don’t have the right to just arrest somebody for nothing,” the Chargers fan told the officers.

“You don’t have that right. Just because you have a badge, you don’t have that right.”

The Chargers fan ended up getting escorted out of the stadium himself.

Before the arrest, the Jets fan can be seen cheering his team, even though and his female partner were the only Jet fans in that section.

The incident was clearly caught on video, so there is no excuse why those officers, including at least two sergeants, should not be reprimanded.

The video is also a perfect example of why we should not be intimidated to film or stand-up to the police when they are clearly in the wrong.

The Chargers fan could have taken the easy route and kept his mouth shut, but this was an incident that went beyond football rivalries.

The Jets ended up beating the Chargers 17-14 to advance in the playoffs.