An off-duty San Diego police officer abused the powers of his badge when he sent a text message to his counterparts to have a New York Jets fan ejected from the game because he had been cheering for his team.

The cop, who has not been named, was attending last Sunday’s playoff game between the Jets and the San Diego Chargers at Qualcomm Stadium.

He was out of uniform. Maybe had a few beers himself. And frustrated that the Chargers were going to get eliminated from the playoffs.

And the cheering Jets fan who kept chanting “Jets … Jets … Jets” wasn’t making things any better.

So the cop sent a text message to other on-duty cops informing them that a drunk Jets fan was causing a disturbance, according to the New York Post.

A horde of uniformed cops then swarmed the Jets fan and handcuffed him, throwing him in jail where he remained for 15 hours.

He was charged with being drunk and resisting arrest. The cops refused to give him a breathalyzer.

How typical.

In my second arrest for photographing cops against their wishes, Miami Beach Police Officer David Socarras charged me with disorderly intoxication. I welcomed him to give me a breathalyzer. He refused.

I stayed in jail for more than 10 hours. The State Attorney’s Office switched the charge to resisting arrest without violence because they had no evidence that I was drunk.

And as we know, all you have to show is contempt of cop to be charged with resisting arrest without violence. I will eventually settle this matter in court.

The San Diego incident was caught on a video that was uploaded to Youtube.

A Chargers fan came to his immediate defense, telling the cops that Carroll did nothing wrong. He was escorted out the stadium himself.