If only I had a camera, I would have captured the look on Judge Jose L. Fernandez’s face when my attorney asked him to recuse himself from my case.

Well actually I did have a camera. It’s rare for me not to have one. But I wasn’t going to push my luck in his courtroom. Not after our history.

But even before it got to that point, my attorney, Arnold Trevilla, asked for the case to be dismissed because the arresting officer had not shown up.

Miami Beach Police Officer David Socarras claimed to be sick, just as Miami Police Officer Anthonius Kurver claimed to be sick on a trial date of my previous case.

Had it been me who was sick, I would have needed a doctor’s note or else be faced with an arrest warrant.

But police officers have a lot more credibility than me and you. At least in certain courtrooms.

When asked to recuse himself, Judge Fernandez acted confused, claiming he had not read the appeal mandate, asking if he was required by the appellate court to do so.

He then recused himself. Otherwise we would have filed a motion to have him recused.

The trial will be rescheduled in front of another judge. I am also facing a different prosecutor than Ignacio Vazquez, who is considered one of the top prosecutors by his peers.

So that’s good because I don’t know if I could afford another Pyrrhic victory.