The Real Edwin has it all under control even if it does look like his hair is on fire

In an attempt to maximize this site for the readers, we’ve been undergoing certain construction projects that may cause confusion or problems.

But those problems should only be temporary. And in the end, this site should be much more efficient and informative.

I’ve hired friend, technogeek and fellow Miami blogger, The Real Edwin, to handle all the back-end improvements. When he’s not pounding drinks with me at Fox’s, he gets into the job.

But sometimes it’s a matter of trial and error to see what works best, so please have a little patience as we improve this site.

And feel free to comment on any of the features as well as suggest new features that might be good for this site.

Also, we’ve installed a new feed so those of you who read this site through their feed may have to switch to the new one.