A man filming police outside the United Nations building in New York City was harassed by an NYPD officer under the Patriot Act.

The female officer first attempts to look at what the man has filmed, but he refuses to show her.

She then beckons for a Secret Service Agent to come harass the guy some more.

It is not clear if the Secret Service Agent ever arrives in the six-minute video, but it is clear that the NYPD officer is clueless about photography rights.

Also, I cannot stress this any harder. If you’re going to film such confrontations, please keep your camera pointed at the subject instead of on the ground.

Here is just a sample of the exchange that took place between the cop and the videographer.

NYPD officer: “I’m telling you that you don’t film our truck.”

Videographer: “I’m not filming the truck. … Even if I am filming the truck, it’s not against the law.”

Videographer: “Am I being detained?”

NYPD officer: “Yes.”

Videographer: “Under what law?”

NYPD officer: “Patriot Act.”

Videographer: “Taking pictures on public property is not against the law.”

NYPD officer: “Not when it comes to frozen zones.”

Videographer: “So this building over here and over there is not public property?”

NYPD officer: “It’s federal property.”

Videographer: “So regular media can take all the pictures they want but I can’t?”

NYPD officer: “They have credentials.”

And here’s the kicker.

NYPD officer: “If you have nothing to hide, you shouldn’t be afraid to show (inaudible).

If the NYPD had nothing to hide, there would have been no such confrontation.

Via War on Photography.