Update: Arizona detention officer will spend night in jail after all.

Further making a national mockery out of the Arizona legal system, the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office refused to book one of its own Tuesday night because of some unexplained clerical error.

Adam Stoddard surrendered to the jail as he was ordered to, but was then told to go home after the error was discovered.

According to Heat City:

“The judge screwed up the order of confinement,” said deputy county attorney Tom Liddy.

Liddy said the error was no fault of Stoddard or the sheriff’s office.

“He did self surrender,” the attorney said. “He is in compliance with the order.

So now we must wait until Wednesday morning to see how Superior Court Judge Gary Donahoe will respond to the accusation from a county attorney that he “screwed up.”

So far, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Liddy and Stoddard have done nothing but snub their noses at Donahoe, who is supposedly the highest ranked judge in Maricopa County.

Last month, Donahoe found Stoddard in contempt of court after he was caught on video swiping a document from a defense attorney’s case file. Donahoe ordered Stoddard to apologize publicly by December 1 or face incarceration.

Stoddard refused to apologize and is still a free man.