Journalists who get stuck working the day after Thanksgiving usually end up with the dreaded Black Friday assignment where they have to report on the same mundane story that will be reported by every other newspaper and TV station in the country.

Retailers often welcome the media into their stores because they’re not ones to turn down free advertising.

But this year, Walmart is doing things a little differently. They are barring the media from all of its stores on Black Friday.

Obviously, this is a knee-jerk reaction to last year’s incident when a Walmart worker was trampled to death in a Long Island store as shoppers stormed the store seeking bargains.

When all else fails, blame the media, right?

Walmart’s decision is being discussed on Sports Shooter, one of the most popular photojournalism websites in the country.

The irony is that Walmart is not going to prevent any actual footage from being recorded on Black Friday. Almost everybody carries around some time of camera these days.

And there’ll be sure to post their footage on Youtube, as someone did in the above video from Black Friday 2005.

The smart thing would have been to implement safety changes to prevent people getting trampled on. And invite the media to check it out for themselves.

But we know Walmart did no such thing.

Actually they did implement some changes. They expanded their business hours to prevent the stampede. That should keep everybody safe.

Nevertheless, even if they don’t allow the media into their stores (to allow them to do their damn job), we’ll be sure to see footage pop up on Youtube.