Photo by Chetan S.

This photo got a pair of photographers detained by NYPD for two hours/Photo by Chetan S.

These officers apparently never got the memo that states that photography is indeed legal on the streets of New York City.

The memo, officially titled an “operations order,” was issued to New York City police officers last April after numerous incidents of cops harassing photographers. It states that officers are not allowed to delete images or confiscate cameras, unless they are used during the commission of a crime.

It obviously went unread by the six NYPD officers who detained a pair of photographers last week after one of them photographed the above door in Brooklyn. The door leads to an MTA subway vent.

The responding police officers referred to it as a “sensitive subject.”¬†Pictures of that same door, and others like it, can be found by a simple Google search.

The photographers, Steve Kelley and Chetan S., said that the officers looked through their photos before taking them to the department for further questioning. They were released two hours later.

Kelley also said that a few days earlier, another NYPD officer seized his camera as he was taking pictures in Times Square, going through his images and telling him that his pictures sucked.