Nobody is surprised that Miami City Commissioner Tomas Regalado was elected mayor on Tuesday.

But some of us will be surprised if he keeps his promises.

In an election that only drew 20 percent of the registered voters in Miami, Regalado beat his opponent Joe Sanchez in a landslide victory, 72 percent to 28 percent.

Now we’ll see if he does follow through on his promises of shaking up city hall, including firing Miami Police Chief John Timoney, who has not only lost the respect of the citizens after driving a free Lexus for a year, but has lost the respect of his officers, if you believe police union officials.

However, the mayor does not have the authority to fire the police chief. Only the city manager does.

But the mayor does has the authority to fire the city manager.¬†Regalado hasn’t said whether he would fire City Manager Pete Hernandez.

But it’s the first thing he should do.

Earlier this year, Hernandez retained Miami Civilian Investigative Panel Executive Director Shirley Richardson after she was fired for incompetence.

He turned her into an assistant to an assistant, allowing her to retain her pension and her $168,000-a-year salary.

Last month, he reinstated her back to the Civilian Investigative Panel as an investigator, even though she has absolutely no investigative experience and couldn’t even handle her bureaucratic position of overseeing the agency that is supposed to keep police misconduct in check.

In the process, the city fired 30-year police veteran Steve Wolf from his job as chief investigator, a man who was actually trying to clean up the Miami Police Department.

Wolf has since filed a whistleblower claim against the city.

So naturally most of us are wondering what exactly does Richardson have on Hernandez that possesses him to abuse his authority so blatantly.

And some of us are wondering if Regalado will terminate the cancer that has made a mockery of city hall.