Less than a year after a Bay Area Rapid Transit cop shot and killed an unarmed man on video, another BART officer was caught on video smashing a suspect’s head into a glass window, causing it to shatter.

The video immediately went viral.

The video shows a man who is apparently drunk and carrying an open container screaming obscenities inside the train. One man approaches him and tells him he should step off the train.

Then a BART cop comes out of nowhere and grabs the man and pulls him off the train, forcing him across the platform and smashing his head into a glass window.

The cop ended up cutting up his own arm in the process.

Now the suspect is being charged with battery on an officer and resisting arrest.

However, the video doesn’t really show Michael Joseph Gibson doing any of the above.

If anything, the 37-year-old man should be charged with public drunkenness and disorderly conduct (one of the few times where I imagine that charge would stand up in court) for his behavior before he was confronted by the cop.

Gibson, who family members say is mentally ill, was arrested earlier that day for allegedly assaulting an 84-year-old passenger on a bus. He was released on a misdemeanor charge.

Police union officials are defending the officer, whose name has not been released, because train passengers applauded him when he removed Gibson.

However, that was before he smashed Gibson’s head into the glass.