And in today’s story out of the Twilight Zone, that state the rest of the country calls Utah, a group of teens were cited for disorderly conduct for rapping their order through a McDonald’s drive-thru microphone.

It was part of a nationwide phenomenon among teens. Even Taco Bell has caught on to the trend in one of its commercials.

But people are a little bit more sheltered in Utah. The McDonald’s employee couldn’t understand what they were ordering and told them to talk normal, but they kept rapping.

This prompted the manager to walk outside and order them to leave, but not before he took note of their license plate.

This is where the Twilight Zone music begins.

Rather than laugh in the face of the manager after being told what the teens did, the officers set out on a mission to track them down. They eventually found them at a high school parking lot watching a volleyball game.

The teens were each cited for disorderly conduct right there in front of their peers.

McDonald’s said it had no choice but to refuse them service because there is no telling what would they want to do next. Perhaps an armed robbery while rapping?

The owner-operator of the McDonald’s said in a statement that the issue was about employees’ safety at the restaurant in American Fork, about 30 miles south of Salt Lake City.

“The employee in question felt that her safety was at risk as a result of the alleged actions of these individuals in the drive-thru, not as a result of them rapping their order,” franchisee Conny Kramer said in the statement. “As such, she contacted the local authorities.”