Here we have another video from Los Angeles photo activist Discarted who has an ongoing battle with the Universal Protection Service, the company that apparently guards all the important buildings downtown and whose guards tend to react negatively to photographers even though they don’t have any laws to back up their actions.

In the following video, the guard named Ivan starts hassling them for photographing the Gas Company Tower, which is owned by Maquire Properties.

The guard first tells them they are not allowed to take pictures of the building, even if they are standing on a public sidewalk, because the building is private property.

But then Discarted asserts his rights and the guard changes his tune, proving that these guards really have no clue about their job and have absolutely no skills in dealing with the public.

This all happens in almost ten minutes, which is a little too long for a Youtube video, in my opinion.

Also, Discarted tends to record his videos with one of those cameras that you wear around your neck – which is great because the guard doesn’t have a clue he is being filmed – but it’s horrible because all we see is the guard from the neck down.

For almost ten minutes.

Then to top things off, somebody filed a privacy complaint with Youtube about the video. Whatever.

(If you are reading this Discarted, please tell us about your camera and where you purchased it because I have readers who are emailing me inquiring about it.)

Via War on Photography.