On October 2nd, Bill Cooke of Random Pixels left the following comments on my blog.

I stand behind eberything I write and admit mistakes.


I’m not talking about updating.

I’m talking about deleting material because you’re afraid of offending someone.

In some circles that’s known having “no balls.”

Bill is the ballsy blogger alright. Not afraid of offending anybody. In fact, he can come across as downright vicious and mean-spirited at times.

In fact, he is the same “Hank” who posted the comment under the ugly portion of the testimonials section on the left side of this blog. A real pleasant guy.

On October 9th, this is what he said about local publicist Tara Solomon.

“Let’s cut right to the chase: In a town that has more than its share of shallow, self-absorbed, imperious, snotty and insufferable a**holes; Tara Solomon has to rank at the top of the list.”

It was such an eye-opening quote that Rick from the South Florida Daily Blog posted it on the Quotable section of his blog.

But Bill has since deleted that post from his blog.

Why would he do such a thing?

Perhaps it was because he ended up photographing Solomon for the Miami New Times a few days later as part of his assignment on a local writer promoting a new book?

Well, that shouldn’t be reason enough for him to delete the post. After all, he stands behind everything he writes. Or should I say, “eberything.”

Not even Google Cache is able to retrieve the entire post (maybe some of you internet gurus can track it down).

And it doesn’t even come up on Rick’s blog except for the Quotable section, which you can see above because it will probably be deleted from his blog by the time he reads this.

It’s almost like Rick never mentioned it in his daily sift.

But surely Rick would have sifted it if he thought the quote was worthy enough for his Quotable section.

All we know is that the post was titled “Tara Solomon: Queen of Hypocrisy” and it leads to an empty page.

I guess that would make Bill the King of Hypocrisy.