Update: Security guard arrested on battery charge.

A thuggish security guard was caught on video assaulting a woman after she took a photo of him outside the House of Blues in Chicago Monday night.

This was not the first time a House of Blues security guard has assaulted a patron.

Youtube has removed the latest video “due to terms of use violation,” so obviously they do not support the First Amendment. Thanks to MiseryXchord, the video is now back up on Buzznet.

A commenter on Flickr mentioned that before the video was removed from Youtube, someone left a comment saying the guard had been arrested.

In the video, the guard, who works for the House of Blues, can be seen on top of the woman, prying the camera from her hands as she tries clinging on to it in an appalling tug-of-war battle. The incident occurred after a Hanson concert.

The woman and her friends can be heard telling him he has no right to take the camera.

Once he pries the camera from her hands, the woman tries to take the camera back, but the guard, who is twice her size, knocks her down where she lies motionless for several seconds.

The woman then gets back up and tries again to get her camera back, but he again knocks her down, this time holding her down as he says “get this bitch away from me” in reference to one of her friends.

The woman on the ground continually tells the guard that “I didn’t even take your photo” as well as “give me my fucking camera”, making it obvious what led to this altercation.

Then it appears the guard snags the video camera from the second woman where the audio remains on but the video is blacked out.

The guard can be heard saying he will return her camera once police arrive.

The second woman can be heard saying, “this is public, I can record whatever I want.”

It is not clear what happens after that because the video cuts out.

I sent a message to Tiffany Bryant, the woman who filmed the incident and uploaded it to Youtube, but she has not gotten back to me.

When she does, I will provide more details.

A commenter that goes by Anna Vaughn who said witnessed the incident stated the following on Buzznet.

I was there, and I’d like to let you all know that she did not even take the security guards photos. We were sitting on a public sidewalk and a tour bus began to come up the drive way and she took a picture of the driveway to the alley. Thats it. The guards were already pissed that we went by the buses and we were informed that it is public property and we were not trust passing by going down there, just that it had been a safety issue and we politely made our way to the sidewalk. He freaked after she took the picture of the driveway, literally. They also made sure to inform us that they were already clocked out and were not on HOB property so they were allowed to do whatever they wanted to.

And another commenter said he (or she) attended the Hanson show and cameras were allowed inside, and that the guard was not even on the clock.

I’d just like to say that I’m appalled at this, and would also like to clear something up: I was at the House of Blues that night for the Hanson show. Cameras were ALLOWED that night, even inside when they usually aren’t so the fact that she was OUTSIDE, it was completely out of line and they really had no right to do what they did, (even if being a 300 lb man and pushing a 98 lb girl to the ground could be justified.)

The video pretty much speaks for itself. The guard has absolutely no right to take her camera. He not only should be fired, but she should be sued and jailed for assault, battery, robbery and kidnapping.

In fact, the House of Blues should be sued as well. Again.

Below is a sequence of screenshots from the video.


The security guard has her on the ground and is trying to take her camera. At first, I thought that was a cop car but I’ve been told it is a taxi.


Guard knocks her down after she tries to retrieve her camera

After being knocked down
"Get that bitch away from me."

"Get that bitch away from me."


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