Photo by Tommy Christopher/Asylum

You gotta love the United States, a country where we can carry rifles and sidearms to watch the president speak, but God forbid we photograph his limousine while the hood is open.

The story comes to us from the Asylum, a website I never heard of but they actually have a White House correspondent.

Rookie reporter Tommy Christopher describes how he stepped outside the presidential briefing room and found a couple of secret service agents checking under the hood of the presidential limousine.

A cable news tech guy then pulled out his iPhone to snap a photo. Big mistake apparently.

One of the secret service agents yelled at the guy,ordering him to delete the photo.

See, there’s this rule.

Nobody is allowed to photograph the presidential limos while either the hood or the trunk are open. I already knew this because the same agent had told me the rule a minute earlier. You also can’t shoot the interiors of the limos.

Never heard of that rule before. And I would probably be stupid enough to challenge it, if I ever got that close.

But I would probably have a better chance strapping my Colt .45 to my side to greet the president.