Who would have known that in San Francisco, which prides itself on its progressiveness, has outlawed skateboarding?

But you learn something everyday.

In the above video, a couple of cops are detaining a group of kids who were skateboarding. Personally, we should be glad that kids are doing anything active other than working out their thumbs on video games.

So one of the kids calls a cop “a fucking dick,” which is not the smartest thing to do, but as we’ve mentioned on this blog, it is actually protected speech.

That prompted the cop to stand the kid up and handcuff him. The cop who is twice his size then got the impression that the kid was resisting but it doesn’t appear that way at all on the video.

“Resist again and I will break your arm like a twig,” the cop tells the kid.

So he does prove to be a fucking dick. He allows a kid to get under his skin. He displays his weakness for contempt of cop.

The cop later apparently kicks the kid as he is trying to place him in the car even though you can’t see this on the video because a witness – who is an adult and not with the group of kids – starts complaining to the cop.

The cop gives the witness his name and badge number, which is more than I can say for many cops.

The cop tries to explain to the witness that he is acting solely by the book.

“Did I threaten you guys in any which way?” he asks the kids in front of the witness, obviously forgetting about threatening to break the kids arm like a twig.