Federal agents raided the home of a photojournalist last year, seizing cameras, memory cards, a digital voice recorder, computer hardware and digital storage devices.

The photojournalist, Laura Sennett, had photographed people protesting an International Monetary Fund meeting in Arlington, Va on April 12, 2008.

On September 23, 2008, the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force along with several local law enforcement agencies raided her Arlington home, seizing 26 items as her son looked on.

However, no criminal charges were ever filed against Sennett, who specializes in shooting protests. Nor was she arrested in connection with the search.

Sennett, who sometimes goes by the alias “Isis”, has been published by CNN and the History Channel. Here is an outdated blog she maintained.

Authorities have yet to return the seized items.

She is now suing.