A Louisiana sheriff is retaliating against a man who posted pictures of a woman posing provocatively on top of a squad car as one of his deputies looked on.

But the man who posted the photos online appears to have been retaliating against the deputy for having testified against him in court for an unrelated matter.

In response to posting the pictures, Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Norman filed an arrest warrant against the photographer, Paul Poupart, on “retaliation and public intimidation charges.”

As of Thursday afternoon, the deputies have not tracked down Poupart – even though they were seen leaving his house at noon – but the media was able to track him down for an interview later that day.

“Because of them pictures. They looking for me because of them pictures,” he told a local TV station.

The pictures were taken two years ago outside a bar where the deputy was working off-duty security.

Poupart claims that the deputy in the picture, Steve Higgerson, was welcoming of the woman on top of his squad car.

The bar owner and sheriff claim that the woman snuck up on the car for the photos before she and Poupart were chased off by the deputy.

But let’s be honest. If he really didn’t want her on his car, he would have had his Taser or gun drawn. And the photographer would have been beaten or Tased or arrested.

The truth is, the deputy doesn’t appear too bothered by her provocative poses on his car. The woman was able to go from sitting on her ass with her legs open to getting on all fours with her ass in the air while the deputy doesn’t seem to move an inch.

Nevertheless, I really don’t see a huge crime in the fact that he stood by while the woman posed on his car. While some may see it as unprofessional, I see it as him being human and not sweating the small stuff. It wasn’t as if she was hanging all over him.

But since the photos were taken, Higgerson arrested Poupart for fighting in the bar. And he secured a battery conviction against Poupart by testifying against him in court.

So the day after his trial, Poupart released the photos to a voyeuristic  website called in the hopes that they would get the deputy in trouble.

Instead, the sheriff decided to go after Poupart for posting the photos.

“If individuals think that they are going to try and force a situation or stage a situation to put one of my officers in a compromising situation, we are going to put their butt in jail,” Normand said.

But Poupart did not break any law by posting the photos, so Norman is abusing his power. He should have just let the incident go with a verbal warning to his deputy to be more careful in the future.