As much as I like my blog and as much as these issues mean to me, I haven’t been feeling it lately.

I just haven’t had that same focus I’ve had in the past where I am driven to post at least once a day, even if it means staying up until 4 a.m.

I know this is just temporary. At least I hope it is.

But unless it’s a story like the guy in New York getting arrested for photographing a federal building or the guy in Idaho getting a Taser stuck up his ass or the guy in Arizona getting his house raided because he blogged about police or the guy in New York who got arrested for photographing an Amtrak train while participating in an Amtrak photo contest, I just don’t get that excited about stories anymore.

Because for the most part, these stories become like Groundhog Day. All we have to do is change the date and place and it’s the same story.

And I guess that was one of the purposes of this blog when I started it. To show that these incidents are not isolated at all but a continuous pattern.

But lately, it’s been difficult documenting these incidents. I’ve also been busy pursuing other projects, including some that pay the bills.

However, I do realize it is important to continue to document these incidents because the final goal has not been accomplished. And that is to raise enough awareness where police understand basic photographer and citizen rights.

So please bear with me for now. Maybe by tomorrow I’ll get that drive back. Maybe in a few days.

I do appreciate all the emails with tips and links because that is what keeps this blog going.

In the mean time, check out some recent stories I’ve written elsewhere, including one on  a topless protest and one about Jews in Miami Beach.