A 23-year-old Central Florida man was arrested Wednesday after secretly videotaping his neighbor deputy and posting the videos on his MySpace page, where he referred to the deputy as “the devil’s advocate.”

Andrew Hudson also posted photos of the deputy’s house as well as his address, according to the St. Petersburg Times.

He was charged with interception and disclosure of electronic communications, which really doesn’t make sense in this case and I doubt it will stick. There have been several attempts to charge people who films cops with this charge but none have stuck, including one in Florida.

Nevertheless, it is not surprising that the Hillsborough County sheriff deputy was alarmed about Hudson’s behavior.

On September 4, the deputy reports that somebody was prowling in the shadows outside his house. The prowler was never caught but he believes it was Hudson, who lived next door with his parents.

If they gather video or photo evidence that would prove he was prowling, I would imagine a trespassing charge would be more likely to stick.

Hudson would also park his car in front of the deputy’s house to take photos.

And on at least one occasion, Hudson followed the deputy after he had left home in his squad car.

The deputy noticed and pulled Hudson over.

“Do you think I would make a good cop?”

The deputy told Hudson he could be a good cop if he worked hard and stayed out of trouble. He didn’t report the incident because Hudson wasn’t threatening him, sheriff’s spokesman Kevin Doll said.

But it doesn’t appear that Hudson wanted to be a cop. In fact, he displayed a resentment against cops on his MySpace page.

His status updates say things like: “Thank you God, everyday in every way. Lost faith in the government today. And so the coverup continues.

“I sure would love some company, if anyone could stand what the cops have turned me into. I love having dirty cops as neighbors!”

But there is no indication as to what type of corruption he was referring to in his status updates.

Hudson’s only arrest before this one was back in February when he drove past a deputy who had been conducting a traffic stop and didn’t slow down or move to another lane, which is a violation in Florida. The deputy hopped in his car and attempted to pull Hudson over with his lights and siren.

But Hudson refused to pull over, maintaining a steady speed of 45 mph, ten miles under the posted speed limit.

He didn’t try to evade the deputy. Just refused to pull over.

The deputy pulled up next to him and Hudson turned on his interior light, smiled and waved and continued driving.

Shockingly, the deputy let him go after two miles, but visited his house the following day and arrested him.

“I know you guys are out to get me,” Hudson reportedly told the deputy as he was being carted off to jail.

So apparently, Hudson has had a beef with this deputy since at least last February.

After the prowling incident earlier this month, the deputy asked the Pasco Sheriff’s Office to investigate Hudson (the deputy works in the neighboring county) and they came across his MySpace page where the videos and photos have been removed.

The story is similar to the one in Virginia where the blogger was arrested on harassment charges after posting photos and the address of a cop’s house.