The sad part about this story is not the fact that cop shot an unarmed fire chief from behind during an altercation over speeding tickets inside an Arkansas courthouse.

Nor is it the fact that the prosecutors decided they are not going to file charges against the cop who pulled the trigger.

And it’s not even the fact that these same prosecutors are planning on filing misdemeanor charges against the wounded fire chief for his role in the scuffle.

We already expect that from our legal justice system.

The sad part is that there will no doubt be apologists will come on this discussion thread and attempt to rationalize the cop’s behavior.

They will say the fire chief had it coming to him because he showed contempt of cop to the seven cops in the courtroom by not respecting their authority by complaining about over the speeding tickets. They will say the seven Jericho cops feared for their lives even though they were going up against the fire chief who was obviously unarmed after entering the courthouse.