Robert Griffin had rented out a portion of a park in Littleton, Colorado for his wedding in 2007.

But on that day, he ended up getting into a verbal argument with a park employee over a parking spot. The park employee called the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office who dispatched a deputy.

The deputy gave Griffin a ticket for, you guessed it, disorderly conduct. You would think a man is entitled to be a little disorderly on his wedding day.

But even after handing him the ticket, Griffin says the deputy kept pushing him, eventually Tasing him five to six times before carting him off to jail in front of his entire wedding party.

He finally made it to the altar three hours later. Some guys might have taken the incident as an omen, avoiding the altar altogether.

Griffin, who was using his wedding as a fundraiser for a children group, challenged the deputy to a three-round kickboxing match with a 50/50 split of the proceeds and his half going to the charity.

But the sheriff’s office refused that offer. Obviously, they are not so brave once the badges, guns and Tasers are removed.

So now he says he has no choice but to sue.