As I mentioned in a previous post, the trio of judges who will review my appeal decided that I needed to get the entire trial transcribed as opposed to only getting those portions that pertain to my argument.

I knew this would be about $2500 because last time it was more than $30000 and I ended up paying $500 for the portions of the transcripts that pertain to my article.

Well the company that does this agreed to do it for $2,000, which is a significant discount. The guys at Absololute Video have been on my side from the beginning. They are all amatuer photographers so they frequent this site.

Transcribing pages is not easy work. Especially when there are so many pages.

I am very thankful to them as well as to those readers who have sent donations. I plan to send each and every one of you a personal response. I’ve just been a little busy digging for evidence against a certain trigger-happy cop. If only half of what I’ve been told on him is true, then he is screwed.

Your donations will make a big difference once I pay the $2,000.


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