Graphic Video

The most striking, memorable and traumatizing moment emerging from the Iran protests so far was broadcast around the world in seconds despite the government’s attempt to quash the media.

It shows a young woman with a bloodied face seconds after she was shot by a sniper. A group of men gather around in an attempt to save her. But it is to no avail. She rolls her eyes and dies.

Neda Soltani

Neda Soltani

Now the video has become a rallying cry for Iranians protesting a disputed election. A symbol of global solidarity. A vivid reminder that freedom is never cheap.

They say her name was “Neda”, which means “voice” in Farsi. We may never know who filmed the video. Nor does it really matter.

In today’s digital world, there are no individual heroes like the Nick Ut’s and Eddie Adams’ and Joe Rosenthal’s of yesteryear.

The hero is us. We are the eyes and ears of the world. The watchdogs. Little Brother watching Big Brother.

Because of people like us, the truth will never be suppressed. Not here. Not there. Not anywhere.