On June 10th, a trio of Miami-Dade Circuit Court judges reviewed my appeal brief and determined that I need to get the entire trial transcribed in order to proceed with the appeal.

I now have until July 10th to complete this process or else the case will be dismissed.

In my appeal brief, I had turned in the portions of the transcript that pertain to my argument in order to save money because it costs five dollars for each page transcribed. Each page represents a minute of the trial and the trial lasted for two days, ending at midnight last June.

So it’s going to cost me at least $2,500 to get the rest of the trial transcribed, which means I will fall even more into debt. But at this point, there is no turning back.

The truth is, getting the entire trial transcribed will work even more in my favor because it will reveal the huge contradictions between all three officers who testified.

The judges who will review the appeal are Victoria Platzer, Robert N. Scola, Jr. and Gill S. Freeman.


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