At 4 foot, 11 inches, 72-year-old Kathryn Winkfein is a stubborn old lady, refusing to sign the speeding ticket the Travis County Constable was handing her last month.

But rather than let her go without signing the ticket – which is completely legal  and would have had no effect on the traffic charge against her – the constable threatened her with arrest.

Deputy Constable Christopher Belize then ordered Winkfein out of the truck where they both walked to the back of her truck.

She says: “Give me the fucking thing, I’ll sign it.”

He responds by yelling: “Get over here now!”

She says: “Give it to me and I’ll sign it.”

He shoves her.

She says: “You’re going to shove a 72-year-old woman?”

He says: “If you don’t step back, you’re going to get tased.

She says: “Go ahead.”

He says: “Step back or you’re going to get tased.”

She says: “I dare you.”

He says: “Put your hands behind your back”

She refuses and attempts to get back in her car.

That was when she was Tased.

The question I would like to ask the officers and former officers that read my blog is: what would you have done with a woman who refuses to sign a speeding ticket, especially one where the driver was going 60 mph in a 45 mph speed zone?

If this is even an arrestable offense, would you have made the arrest or would you simply inform her that she is still liable to the fines and points?

You have the power to give us tickets but do you really have the power to make us sign these tickets?