Earlier today, I reached a million page views, a significant milestone for this blog.

A little more than two years ago today, I managed to launch a blog that was intended to clear up misconceptions about my arrest and to document developments in my trial.

I say managed because I was so inept at blogging that I wrote my first post in the comments section, prompting other bloggers to mock and ridicule me.

But that didn’t stop me from coming out swinging against another Miami blogger who had earlier criticized my refusal to obey an unlawful order after my arrest. I have traded jabs with Rick ever since.

The trial was delayed multiple times, leaving me with no real direction on my blog. In fact, for the first eight months, I would go weeks and months without updating it.

It was until I purchased my own domain at the beginning of 2008, switching from a two-column format to a three-column format, that I began taking this blog seriously.

The new format also reset my blog stats back to zero, giving me a clean slate to begin my venture into the blogosphere.

Back then, I was averaging less than 200 page views a day. Now I am averaging more than 2,000 page views a day.

Today, I reached a million page views, a sign that I am doing something right with this blog.

So thank you for reading because without you, this would all be pointless.

I hope you all are still reading by the time I reach 2 million page views, which I hope to accomplish this year.


I am a multimedia journalist who has been fighting a lengthy legal battle after having photographed Miami police against their wishes in Feb. 2007. Please help the fight by donating to my Legal Defense Fund in the top left sidebar, which helps pay for the thousands of dollars I’ve acrued in debt since my arrest. To keep updated on the latest articles, join my networks at Facebook, Twitter and Friendfeed.