On the 22nd day of this cross country scooter trip to Los Angeles, Scott Branch was forced to walk his scooter across streams and rivers, ruining his camera and at least one lens in the process.

Still, he thinks “Texas is beautiful”.

However, he has yet to reach the western part of Texas, the desert portion of the Lone Star State, which I’ve experienced to be one of the most grueling drives in the United States. And I did it in an air-conditioned Honda Civic.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Texas is beautiful. Really beautiful. It’s got everything: the ocean, mountains, flat lands, major metropolises, small towns, rural areas (to no end), and coming soon… the desert! The drive from San Antonio was just beautiful. Fairly deserted most of the drive except when I’d hit these small towns. Beorne. Kerrville. Comfort.

It took me eight hours to drive from El Paso to San Antonio when I returned home to Miami after living out west a few years ago. And I was driving 80 mph.

Considering his scooter tops out at 40 mph, it might take him slightly longer to make it to El Paso. I recommend he hits Juarez once he gets there. I’ve had good times there.

Because Scott is riding a scooter, he is not allowed to access Interstate 10, which is the logical way of traveling from San Antonio to El Paso. He needs to take the back roads, which involves many streams and rivers. And mishaps.

The drive from Junction became truly back roads traveling. Paved roads became less paved roads. Less paved roads became gravel and rock roads. I drove down unmarked roads where I could only hope I was going the right way. I had to walk Scooter across streams and rivers.

And there was an incident.

The easiest way to describe yesterday is by way of video that I shot. Click here to watch.

The camera is trashed. It looks like only one of the lens (the one attached when it was completely submerged) got ruined. I spent all night in Devil’s River, just outside of Sonora, trying to dry it out. Hoping.

Meanwhile, the video that I made of Scott as he was leaving Miami is in the running for the Post of the Month on the South Florida Daily Blog. Nominee # 4 if you feel like voting.