After two months of not hearing updates from The Miami Herald, I decided to contact the Miami Police Department today about the status of the police officer who crashed her squad car early one morning in February.

“Sarah Anne Hoyle has resigned and no longer works for the Miami Police Department,” said Kenia Alfonso, public information officer for the Miami Police Department.

I followed up this email by asking if her resignation had anything to do with the results of a sobriety test conducted on Hoyle a few hours after the incident, but Alfonso did not respond. Maybe tomorrow she will, which would allow me to update this post.

I had hoped the Herald would have updated us by now. On March 24th, I even sent an email to reporter Robert Samuels, who wrote the original article, asking about the status of this case, but he did not respond.

Maybe he is one of the many Herald journalists who have lost their jobs recently.

At the time of the incident, police were telling witnesses that Hoyle might have had a diabetes episode.

But witnesses suspected she was drunk because she was dressed as if she had been out partying all night long.