A man representing the Colorado Republican Party said ALF-CIO officials forced him to delete video footage of a democratic senator making a speech.

But union organizers claim he voluntarily erased the video tape.

Now the local sheriff’s department is investigating to see who is telling the truth.

The Denver Post article does not specify if any of the parties involved are familiar with file recovery software, which would answer the question immediately.

The incident occurred Saturday when Colorado GOP aide Matt Milner dialed 911 claiming union organizers had blocked his exit and were demanding him to erase a video recording he had made of Democratic Senator Michael Bennet after a townhall meeting sponsored by the AFL-CIO.

But Mike Cerbo, executive director of the Colorado AFL-CIO, said Milner came looking for trouble and offered to erase the tape because he had not been invited.

Now I’m pro-union but I’m not going to let that stop me from calling bullshit on Cerbo.

For one thing, Milner has videotaped at least a dozen of Bennet’s events. It is part of the GOP strategy to keep tabs on their democratic opponents and for all we know, the democrats do (or should do) the same to the republicans.

As long as the speech is open to the public, then it would be unrealistic to think they can prevent a member of the opposing party to videotape a speech. We’re not talking closed door meetings here.

In fact, Saturday’s event at the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers’ Local 68 union hall was billed as an “everyone’s welcome” invitation.

Cerbo accused Milner of being a “trespasser”. If that were the case, then Cerbo would have every right to ask him to leave. But not to delete his footage.