In the less than two years I’ve been making online videos, I never became a huge fan of Youtube because even though it attracts the most viewers, it tends to greatly degrade the quality of my videos once they are uploaded. And it was only until recently that they limited videos to 200 MB.

So I started using Vimeo and Viddler interchangeably in the hopes I would find the perfect video host. At first, I favored Vimeo because I thought the color tone was better.

But I recently learned that Vimeo has some very annoying issues with the audio being out of sync with the video. So now I am using Viddler.

But I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.

For example, check out the video from the Calle Ocho festival. You will notice instances when you hear the audio before the actual image on the screen. This is most noticeable when it cuts from one musical act to another. You start hearing the music before seeing the band. It’s very annoying for me.

Now here is the Viddler version. The audio and video are completely in sync but the image quality seems to be more degraded here than in the Vimeo version, which has bolder colors and clearer faces.

I uploaded the same video several times on both sites after having saved it in several different formats and sizes, including the ones recommended, but I still ended up with these same issues.

The only difference in these videos is that I mistakenly wrote “2008″ in the intro caption on the Vimeo version, which I later corrected to “2009″ before I uploaded the same video to Viddler.

These sites each allow up to 500 MB, which is better than Youtube’s 200 MB, which I recently learned has been upgraded to 1 GB.

So I uploaded the same video with the same format as the above videos onto Youtube.

So what do you guys think? Viddler? Vimeo? Or Youtube?