I ended up slowing the video down by 50 percent and lightening it a little in order to be able see more details during the moments leading up to the shooting of Oscar Grant.

Although the video is much grainier and blotchier, it is clear that BART police officer Johannes Mehserle was frisking Grant before he decided to shoot him as opposed to reaching for something in his belt, as I had thought in my previous post, where I included the full video at normal speed.

As Mehserle is frisking Grant, the other officer gets involved and appears to be restraining Grant’s hands. Then suddenly, without any visible provocation from Grant, Mehserle stands up, pulls his gun out and shoots Grant with a single bullet.

It is not clear whether they handcuffed him or not, but after the shooting, you can see Grant’s hands behind his back in a frame that I froze and included in the video.

Here is an image from that frame. The quality continues to deteriorate which happens when you process videos into images, but you can see Mehrserle’s gun, Grant’s hands and the other suspect’s reaction.