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As some of you may remember, I traveled to Mexico last year to work on a story for Barry University Magazine about a group of local doctors that go down there to operate on poor children who have foot and leg deformities. Here is the article.

Because they were able to only publish a few photos, I put together a 43-photo essay on the slideshow.

If my site has seemed a little shaky lately, it’s because I’ve been swarmed with readers from Digg who are reading Do Police Have the Right to Confiscate your Camera?

Right now, it has received 2,690 Diggs and generated 394 comments on Digg. It also racked up more than 37,000 page views, which falls second to last week’s spike over another story where I received more than 44,000 page views in a single day.

These numbers are great, but they take their toll on my server, knocking my site off several times throughout the day.Right now I’m using Go Daddy with no contract. Before I was using Lunar Pages.  Neither could handle the high traffic days. And neither can any other company I’ve researched, if I don’t pay at least a $100 a month., which I am unable to afford because this economy along with my appeal, is strangling me financially.

I feel like the tenant who keeps getting kicked out of his apartment because he keeps throwing wild parties inviting everybody from Digg to Reddit to Fark and all the rest

So I’m wondering if anybody knows anybody who would be willing to donate server space for this blog.

As you know, this is not a dear diary blog but a news blog which strives to produce stories you won’t find anywhere else, as well as document First Amendment violations and educate people about their rights when it comes to photography. I would hope it can lead to some type of long-term situation where I would not be forced to move in a few months.

Maybe there is somebody out there who believes in the Cause, the Fight, the First Amendment, who wouldn’t mind donating some server space to me to help me keep it going.